I was born and raised in the PNW, and you could say I am a PNW girl through and through. Growing up my family has always lived a more “natural” lifestyle, from forging our own food to always being outdoors. I am most certain that is where my passion for horticulture came from.

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    The military landed us here in Colorado, my husband and I have been here about two years now, although he was born and raised in Colorado Springs, we are excited for this new adventure we are on. I am a house plant fanatic and came to Colorado with a 100+ houseplant collection that I could not leave behind. So, when the opportunity came to work at Dutch Heritage Gardens, I couldn’t pass that up. Being at the greenhouse daily brings such an ease and happiness to my days.

    When I am not working, you can find me reading and researching houseplant (amongst collecting them), playing with my four dogs… and now two cats, and enjoying the beautiful scenery this state has to offer.


    Logistics Manager

    I was born and raised in Downers Grove, IL, a suburb of Chicago. During high school, I ran cross country and competed in pole vault for the track and field team. My family has always been involved with the outdoors.

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    In 1997, I completed the Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts.

    The outdoors is a big reason I moved to Colorado and the main reason I’ll never move back.

    I started working for DHG a couple of years back.

    I had been a server and a bartender for the 15 years prior to finding DHG.

    I was looking for something I could apply my science background towards.

    After taking and enjoying multiple courses in biology, geology, astronomy, and chemistry, I quickly realized the agriculture industry was my calling.

    Two of my more centralized roles at DHG include operating the sow line and helping with logistics.

    I am responsible for ensuring the seed crop is planted according to a predetermined schedule.

    On the logistics end, I am responsible for unloading supplies and materials being delivered to the greenhouse, as well as exporting the fully grown plants via our trucks to the appropriate retail outlets.

    The thing I love most about working for Dutch Heritage Gardens is the people I’m surrounded with.

    It’s not only my coworkers, but also the people that buy our products.

    Everyone around me loves plants and flowers.

    Being surrounded by living, breathing, growing creatures brings out the best in people.

    My goal for the future is to just keep learning.

    Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about this business.

    When I’m not frolicking through the flower fields at DHG, I’m participating is several things.

    I love fishing, hiking, running, shooting guns and arrows, and camping.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I love the indoors too.

    I’m a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan.

    (GOT!) I also love my Chicago sports teams to a fault and play copious amounts of video games. GO CUBS!


    Head Grower

    My name is Peter, and I am the Head Grower at Dutch Heritage Gardens. My career and intellectual curiosities revolve around plant science and empowering my growers with the knowledge to dissect and solve complex challenges.

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    I love Dutch Heritage because of the extensive assortment of plants I work with, as well as the exceptional team and the beautiful Colorado climate. Important goals for me include continued education within floriculture and striving to provide the best work environment that facilitates a practical learning experience for all.


    Assistant Grower

    My name is Gilberto Angel Martinez and I chose to work at DHG because I love growing plants and I have a good boss.

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    My role here is multifaceted. My number one duty is as an assistant grower of over 3 acres of plants.

    During the slower season I work with the maintenance crew to assure our facility and all equipment are kept in good condition and are ready for the next season.

    It works out great and I enjoy working here year round, because my hobby is being a mechanic.

    My goal is to be the best plant grower I can be and to learn new technics each season.

    In my spare time I love spending time with my family, swimming and playing sports, which is also my passion.


    Assistant Grower

    I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois.

    I am a die-hard Cub’s fan.

    I moved to Colorado five years ago and started working at the greenhouse right away.

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    I started as an hourly production worker, and soon moved up to managing the sowing line, and then two years ago became a grower.

    My next role will be learning propagation.

    I love being surrounded by plants and sunshine every day, and could not ask for a more fulfilling job.


    Assistant Grower

    My name is Jared and I am 26 years old. I do not have a college degree however I have dedicated thousands of hours to the study of plant life.

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    My passion for growing began when I was eighteen as I have always had a profound respect for all living things.

    After moving to Colorado over a year ago I stumbled upon a job opportunity at DHG. What a great stumble.

    The knowledge I have obtained is priceless. I am a seed/cutting assistant grower which keeps me on my toes to say the least. The need to be aware of every single seedling or cutting is enjoyable to me. No plant left behind! Germ count, no excuses!

    In the future I am planning on starting my own organic produce farm.

    Growing is my passion and when I have a spare moment I find myself tending to my own plants, studying them, learning about them, and generally loving them.


    Assistant Grower

    I’m Johnathan Strombeck. After the military I joined DHG’s team as flowers seemed like a nice change of pace.

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    I am passionate about what I do and embrace all aspects. I like Dutch Heritage is a family owned business where you can feel accomplished at the end of the day.

    My role in the greenhouse is as an assistant grower.

    It is a great career. I love to work and there is a lot to do here.

    My goal for the future is to move up the greenhouse hierarchy and become a better grower.

    I like to fill my spare time with work and travel.


    Assistant Grower


    Maintenance Manager

    My name is Carlos Lozoya and prior to coming to Dutch Heritage Gardens, I was a blacksmith, carpenter, mechanic, plumber and painter.

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    I have always found a greenhouse to be a very interesting place so I started working for DHG and have been a part of the family since 2010.

    I am the maintenance manager and my responsibility is to ensure the facility and all equipment run properly every day.

    We have a different project or challenge on a daily basis.

    Which is why I am always striving to learn new skills and better myself in my career here at DHG.

    I enjoy watching movies, playing with my children, working at home, and improving the well-being of my family.


    Production & Labor Manager