LifeQuest March 2012

Colorado Springs, Colorado

DH Gardens provided lilies to help support a company doing amazing things for our area. We are looking forward to even greater things in the future. We are proud to support Life Quest, an organization who’s mission is to: Empower our Nation’s military service members with life skills that enable personal growth, promote leadership development and facilitate positive change during transition into, through and beyond military life. 
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History of LifeQuest
LifeQuest (LQT) began as an adventure racing team. In 2009, the Warriors in Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Carson issued the call to action. They asked if LQT could develop a program for wounded, ill and injured soldiers, who were transitioning out of the Army. After careful research of the issue, LQT partnered with the WTB to design an adventure-based learning model aimed at helping this unique generation of soldiers. A pilot program for 87 soldiers was implemented in September 2009 and the outcome was overwhelmingly positive. Less than two years later, over 1700 soldiers from the Fort Carson WTB, the 4th Infantry Division, and various other units have participated in LQT programs.

Many of our veterans returning from war experience difficulty reconnecting with family and community. This difficulty often results in destructive behavior, divorce, decreased physical health status, and an increased risk of depression and suicide. The stigma and challenges often associated with being assigned to the WTB do not always provide the best options for the patriot in need. LQT’s model is designed as a compliment to the Army’s transitional programs, and the LQT staff works with these men and women to help ensure a successful life-transition from wounded soldiers to healthy soldier or veteran serving in the civilian community. LQT provides our military a trusting environment to heal and thrive.

LQT has launched a unique multi-faceted approach based on the physical and psycho-social health factors that contribute to the reintegration and self sufficiency of our veterans and their families. The LQT model is a combination of science and practical sense that involves intense facilitation of adventure-based learning and cutting-edge fitness techniques in an environment of trust. LQT core services include Physical Training (PT), Return To Duty (RTD), Adventure Programs, and Education.  Participation in any of these four programs depends of the unique transitional path of the individual. The PT Program focuses on the individual who is transitioning out of the military by choice or due to injury. The RTD Program assists the individual returning to, or maintaining, military duty. Participation in the Adventure Program supplements the progress achieved in the PT and RTD programs. The Education Program guides participants to successfully transition into the civilian career field by evaluating how their jobs in the military translate to the business world. In addition to these core programs, LQT provides complementary services which further target social and family reintegration as well as tools for self-sufficiency. LQT could not provide these services without the generous donations of our supporters. The LQT philosophy is guided by facilitating the transitional life skills necessary to live a productive and enriching life based upon core values of: Character, Courage, Confidence, Critical Thinking, and Community.  LQT differentiates itself from similar programs by focusing on empowerment rather than entitlement by tapping into each service member’s warrior spirit.


The current 18,000 sq ft facility is housed within the Blazer Electric Supply Company’s warehouse and includes a 4,000 sq ft workout floor, physical assessment areas, classrooms and offices. The future LQT Campus is planned for 28 acres on the west side of highway 115, just south of Fort Carson. The campus will house a 30,000 sq ft training building and separate paintball, mountain biking course and rock climbing facilities.