Green Initiatives

One of the greatest misconceptions about the commercial greenhouse industry is that greenhouses are humid, sweltering places with perspiring, moldy walls. The reality however, is greenhouses need to be well ventilated, temperate, free of bugs, pathogens and other harmful substances. They are heated in the winter, cooled in the summer and have energy concerns like any other indoor environment. This ensures healthy, abundant plants and flowers.

Not all greenhouses are the same
When it comes to controlling the indoor environment some commercial greenhouses fail to take the outdoor environment into consideration. Running energy efficient boilers, using controlled automated irrigation equipment, recycling water, using organic soils, limiting chemicals, using double poly roofs and purchasing from local companies are a number of ways a greenhouse can care for the environment. Here at Dutch Heritage Gardens we are proud to say we do all of these things.

The future is now
Part of our commitment to the environment is also a commitment to the community. This year we are developing community awareness programs to get adults and children more earth conscious. We are working to find homes for any unused plants or flowers… places like community flower beds, schools and retirement communities. We are looking into alternative energy sources , cutting back on fuel by focusing on the Colorado marketplace & hiring local.

Please help us keep Colorado beautiful! 
If you have any ideas for how we can help make your school or community green and beautiful, contact us at